Shaoxing State Grid Power Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shaoxing City Development and Reform Commission

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Shaoxing State Grid Power Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shaoxing City Development and Reform Commission

State Grid Power Company employees Shaoxing charging poles in operation checking bus station. Xu Yang taken April 8, State Grid Power Company and Shaoxing Shaoxing Shaoxing City Development and Reform Commission jointly promote the construction of energy big data platform signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, marking the net Shaoxing supply companies rely on the new system to boost green energy supply services, the digital economy, the government and enterprises in Shaoxing City development and Reform Commission on cooperation in the field of public relations, energy and large data centers, digital information technology personnel training, intelligence community and other value-added services will carry out long-term in-depth cooperation.

The energy big data platform for building cooperative project, the company’s contractors authorized by the government, the two sides adhere to green energy, scientific development, sharing the concept of cooperation and reciprocity, in strict accordance with international, national and industry standards, honesty and innovation infrastructure secure and reliable data platform on to achieve the convergence of the electricity, gas, heat, coal, oil, water and other energy data, monitoring, analysis, evaluation, to all levels of government and the energy industry planning decisions provide energy monitoring, energy early warning, resource analysis and other comprehensive intelligence services, to accelerate the realization of "3060" strategic objectives, supporting dual-control government energy and energy structure adjustment made a big step. In recent years, with the rapid development of the digital economy, energy efficiency services continue to change, the complicated situation of the company in the smart, connected, interactive value-added services on the proposed higher requirements.

State Grid Power Company Shaoxing innovation, initiative as efforts to create "sensitive antennae, efficient and convenient, caring service, create value," the new power supply service system, to create a new situation of cooperation between government and enterprises in Shaoxing City Energy Services to provide strong and stable long-term future support. It is understood that since the new system of power supply service real operation, Shaoxing, State Grid Power Company with a customer-centric service philosophy, adhere to government-oriented, and create a full marketing, full service all soldiers of the atmosphere, further compaction account manager responsibilities to stimulate the vitality of marketing account manager, set up the core of enterprise customer service team to divert customer demand, to build a bridge of communication both inside and outside, to accelerate the transition to a new system of integration by the chemical physical changes. "Next, we will continue to strengthen new supply service system, and continuously explore intelligence service mode, tap the energy efficiency of information resources, expanding energy system data products, based on large energy market data platform, to promote the build, cohabitation, sharing, win-win energy information ecosystem. "State Grid power company deputy general manager Li Jun Shaoxing representation.

(Wang Chien-Peng, Wu Yu Jiao) (Editor: Wang Liwei, Dai Qian).