Shenzhen Luohu Wanfang family student party history activities online

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Shenzhen Luohu Wanfang family student party history activities online

Original title: Luohu Wanfang Family History Activity Online Returns the first to learn the "parent-child interaction" model through Shenzhen City level melt client, through graphic and audio, audio and video combination, let the child and parents watch, listen, Side, on June 28, Luohu District officially launched a "small hand to pull the big hand" 10,000 family members.

The event is online, "Luohu Plus" client, combining party history and family education, is Luohu to promote party history education and study in an innovation attempt.

  It is reported that the activities are facing the second grade of primary school students and the first, second grade students and families.

From June 24th to July 8, students and parents can download the "learning power" learning platform app, enter the "Party History" column to watch the video ongoing online party history knowledge.

From June 28th to July 8th, students and parents can download "Luohu Plus" App, 10 days to complete 5 card tasks, you can light 5 small stars to win "boost flag" personal honor certificate. How to make learning party history "funny and materials"? Luohu "small hand-held big hand" 10,000 family members of the family gave their own answers.

"Activity innovation unlocks ‘map + text + sound + shadow’ form, topic type includes watching the graphic answer, listen to the revolutionary song answering, watch the revolutionary film frame answering, cover the party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, Socialist core values, epidemic prevention and control, etc.

"Luo Man, member of the Standing Committee of Luohu District Committee, introduced Lu Man, Minister of Propaganda Department. (Reporter Du Shi correspondent Li Yingying) (Question: Zhang Chen Mu, Li Lang).