Right to release: Chinese Communist Party Charter [2]

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Right to release: Chinese Communist Party Charter [2]

Original title: The right to release: The first chapter of the Communist Party of China Party members first 18-year-old Chinese workers, farmers, soldiers, intellectuals and other social class, admit that the party’s program and charter, willing to participate in the party An organization and active work, the implementation of the party’s resolutions and paying party fees on time, can apply for joining the Communist Party of China.

  Article 2 The Chinese Communist Party member is a pioneer warrior with communist consciousness in the Chinese working class. Party members of the Communist Party of China must serve the people wholeheartedly, do not hesitate to sacrifice individuals, and struggle for communism.

  Party members of the Chinese Communist Party will always be a general member of the working people.

All Communists have to seek any private and privileges in addition to personal interests and job powers within the scope of laws and policies.

  Article 3 Party members must perform the following obligations: (1) Seriously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" Important Thought, Scientific Development View, Xi Jinping ‘s New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts, Learning Party Routes, Policy, policies and resolutions, learn the basic knowledge of the party, learn scientific, cultural, legal and business knowledge, and strive to improve the skills to serve the people.

  (2) Implementing the party’s basic route and various guidelines, policies, leading to participate in reform and opening up and socialist modernization, driving the masses to struggle for economic development and social progress, in production, work, study and social life effect.

  (3) Adhere to the interests of the party and the people above everything, personal interests from the interests of the party and people, before, after suffering, enjoy, grams of gentleman, and contribute more. (4) Consciously abide by the party’s discipline, first of all the party’s political discipline and political rules, model abide by the laws and regulations of the country, strictly contribute to the secrets of the party and the state, the implementation of the party’s decision, obey the organization distribution, and actively complete the party’s task.

  (5) Maintaining the unity and unity of the party, honesty, words and deeds, resolutely opposing all fair organizations and small group activities, opposing the two-faceted behavior and all conspiracy tricks.

  (6) Effectively carry out criticism and self-criticism, courage to reveal and correct the shortcomings and work in words and deeds in violation of the party’s principles, and resolutely struggle with negative corruption. (7) Close to contact the masses, publicize the party’s claim to the masses, to discuss the same people, reflect the opinions and requirements of the masses to the party, and safeguard the legitimate interests of the masses.

  (8) Carry out the socialist new style, take the lead in practice socialist core values ??and socialist concept of honor and disgrace, promote the ethics of communist, promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, in order to protect the interests of the country and the people, in all difficulties and dangerous moments , Heroic struggle, not afraid of sacrifice.

  Article 4 Party members have the following rights: (1) Participate in the party’s relevant conferences, read the party’s related documents, accept the party’s education and training. (2) At the party’s meeting and the party journals of the party newspaper, participating in the discussions on the party’s policy issues. (3) Summary and initiatives for the work of the party.

  (4) There is any organization and any party members who criticize the party in the party, and the party is responsible for the party, and the fact that the party’s organization and any party members are illegal, and the party members who require illegal messages, requests to remove or Removal from unknown cadres.

  (5) Exercising the right to vote, the right to vote, and have the right to be elected. (6) When the Party Organization discusses the party discussions or identification of party members, I have the right to participate in and conduct defense, and other party members can testify and defend him. (7) If there are different opinions on the party’s resolutions and policies, they can declare the premise, and their opinions can be organized until the party’s superiors. (8) To the party’s superiometric organization until the central government has made requests, complaints and accuses, and requested the relevant organization to respond to the responsible response. Any level of organizations from the party until the central government has no right to deprive party members. Article 5 Developing party members, must put political standards in the first place, through the party’s branch, insist on individual absorption principles. If you apply to the party, you must fill in the party’s volunteer book. There must be two official party members to introduce the introduction, and through the Branch Conference approved with the superiors, and after the preparation period can become a formal party member.

  Introducers must carefully understand the applicant’s ideological, quality, experience and work performance, explain to him the party’s program and party charter, explain the conditions, obligations and rights of party members, and report to the party organization.

  The Party’s Branch Committee should pay attention to the views of the people within the party, and conduct strict reviews in the party’s internal and external people. After passing the pass, then submit it to the Branch Conference. Before approved the applicant to the party, the superiors should send someone to talk to him, and help him improve the party’s understanding.

  In special circumstances, the party’s central and provincial, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government can directly receive party members.

  Article 6 The preparatory party members must conduct an oath for the party flag. The oath is as follows: I volunteered to join the Communist Party of China, support the party’s program, abide by the party’s charter, fulfill the party’s obligation, and strictly guard the party’s discipline, keep the party secret, loyal to the party, actively work, for communism It is always ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people, never rebel. Article 7 The preparatory period of the preparatory party member is one year.

The Party Organization should carefully educate and investigate the party members. The obligation to prepare party members is like formal party members. The right to prepare party members, except for the right to vote, the right to vote, and the right party, the same as official party members.

  Preparing the party members’ preparations, the party’s branch should discuss whether he can turn into a formal party member. If you carefully fulfill the party’s obligation, you should turn it into a formal party member on schedule; you need to continue to investigate and educate, you can extend the preparation period, but you can’t exceed one year; do not fulfill the party’s obligation, do not have party membership, should cancel the preparatory party membership .

The preparatory party members will transfer to formal party members, or extend the preparation period, or cancel the preparatory party membership shall be approved by the Party Organization by the Branch Conference. During the preparation period of party members, from the Branch Conference, he followed him to prepare party members.

Party members’ partyal age, from the date of the preparation to the official party members.

  Article 8 Each party member, regardless of the expenditure of the position, a part of the party, a group or other specific organization, and participate in the party’s organizational life, accept the supervision of the people’s internal and external people. Party members’ leading cadres must also participate in the party committees and party groups of democracy.

There is not allowed to participate in the party’s life, and do not accept special party members supervised by the people within and outside the party.

  Article 9 Party members have the freedom of refunding party. Party members requested that the party should be returned to the branch conference, they shall be announced after discussing the name and report to the above-level party organization filing.

  Party members lack the revolutionary will, do not fulfill party membership obligations, do not meet the party members’ conditions, the party’s branch should education to education, requiring him to correct within a time limit; if the education still has no change, he should advise him to refund. Advise Party members to refund the party and should be discussed by the Branch Conference and report to the above-level party organization approval. If the party members who have been advised to refund the party have not returned, the branch conference should be submitted, decided to rename him and report to the above-level party organization approval.

  If the party members do not participate in the party’s organizational life for six months, or not to pay the party fees, or do not pay the party fees, or not the party allocated, it is considered to be self-discharge.

The Branch meeting should decide to remove such party members and report to the above-level party organization approval.

(Editor: Xie Lei, Yan Yan).