Symptoms still invite friends to play mahjong to calendering experts: or face criminal penalties

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Symptoms still invite friends to play mahjong to calendering experts: or face criminal penalties

Recently, several cases of neogp pneumonia in Changping District, Beijing, adjusted to medium and high-risk areas. Among them, the two cases have swellamic pain, fever symptoms, still have a meal, buy medicine, and invite friends to play in the family. Changping Communication Branch has caused multimedia infection, and the public security organs have criminally investigated two cases according to law. Violation of epidemic prevention regulations or face criminal penalties "in front of the new crown, personal interests are closely connected to public interests, and individuals are important responsibility." For Changping two cases, 39 degrees, I still invite friends to play mahjong, People’s University Law School, Renmin University of China Chang Wang Xu said in an interview with the "strong observation" column of the People’s Network. If the violation of the epidemic prevention, the epidemic is overflowing, and the party can be punished by criminal penalties. According to Article 330 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, it is demonstrated that there is a serious danger of preventive disease prevention, control measures to be used in accordance with the law, and is seriously dangerous in three years. The consequences are particularly serious, and may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for more than three years.

Wang Xu believes that Beijing Changping’s two patients violate epidemic prevention provisions, it is an embodiment of paying attention to obligations and insufficient public responsibility.

"Changping two cases remind us that Isolation is not going to go out, but refers to not contact with others. After fever of two cases, I invited friends to play mahjong, violating the epidemic prevention, which is also investigated by criminal investigation. important reason.

In addition, criminal investigations represent only any conclusion before the law enforcement department entered the next judicial link. "Wang Xu suggested that the current national prevention and control situation is still serious, the people should actively learn, understand the relevant epidemic knowledge and laws and regulations, and strictly implement it, and should be reported to the community to the community in time once it is determined, and isolates. Strengthen the communication It is not equal to the perseverance of the Internet Violence. Beijing Municipal Health Committee said in the epidemic inventory on October 25. It will increase the exposure of the exposure incident in the case of concealing the history of the history of travel, the symptoms do not implement, and the prevention and control measures will increase the exposure notification. In fact, self The information about the epidemic in 2020 has been in dynamic adjustment.

In January 2021, in order to maximize the privacy of infected people, Beijing’s notification is hidden in the informed of the age and gender. Wang Xu said that the adjustment of this notification is a non-reporting case, and the warning role in special period is a "general prevention" initiative under the legal framework, which is the power of improving the exhibition of "social cognition". Strats, which is conducive to the overturcological prevention and control. Increase exposure notification is not equal to converging network violence. Wang Xu emphasized that even if it violates the epidemic prevention, it cannot be illegally exposed its personal privacy. This is also clear in the "Personal Information Protection Law" that is about to be implemented on November 1.

"Each of us has the right to speech in the network, but any remarks must be based on the facts, absolutely unlike the red line of the law and the bottom line of the morality, and can not illegally steal and spread the personal privacy of citizens.

"Wang Xu said that in the network, due to the distant physical and psychological distance between each other, people will lack accurate cognitive assessments for the consequences of improper speech.

At the same time, there will be more people to participate in the development of the topic fermentation, resulting in superposition damage to the victim. (Editor: Wang Xue, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.