The first China-ASEAN Language and Culture Forum was held in Guiyang

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The first China-ASEAN Language and Culture Forum was held in Guiyang

Original title: The first China-ASEAN Language and Culture Forum held a forum site in Guiyang. People’s Daily Wang Xiufang photo People’s Network Guiyang September 25 (Wang Xiufang) September 25th, the first China-ASEAN language and culture forum was held in Guiyang.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, Director of the National Language and Word Working Committee, Thailand’s Higher Education and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Research Innovation, Danan, Dante, is the opening of the video. Tian Xuejun pointed out that China and ASEAN countries have connected, and the humanities are connected, and the friendly interaction is long.

In recent years, both human exchange cooperation has been more comprehensive, in-depth and mature, and continuously expand cooperation space in language and cultural fields, and the development of language education is rapid.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Chinese language and language business will unswervingly implement the concept of new development, to promote the theme of high quality development in language and language, to achieve the fundamental power of reform and innovation, and earnestly meet the needs of quality language education and language services. To make new contributions to co-establish a more close Chinese-ASEAN fate community. It is understood that this China-ASEAN Language and Culture Forum is the theme of "language development and international understanding of international understanding", which is designed to further promote international exchanges in Chinese language culture, the mutual understanding of international language culture, language standard development and language learning Cooperation, strengthen the linkage and cooperation activities of language learning and application between China and ASEAN countries, establish a communication and cooperative mechanism with the language and literary language and experts of ASEAN countries, and better serve the "One Belt All Road". During the forum, officials, experts, scholars and ASEAN countries in China, etc. The opportunities and challenges of post-epidemic era language education, the national language skills and the cross-integration of economic and social development, language and artificial intelligence have discussed. The guest consistently believes that we should adhere to the development direction of communication between different civilizations, further promote language and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries, in promoting the construction of "all the way" high quality development.

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